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Please note, all courses are in German unless noted elsewise.

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Birth preparation

Birth preparatory courses are offered either for couples or for women only. It is best to start this class within the last third of pregnancy.

In this course you will obtain easy to understand and useful information provided by a competent midwife. The topics covered are:

• How does the body prepare for birth?
• How do I recognize that labour is about to begin?
• How can I help my partner during the birth of our baby?
• What happens during birth?
• How do we want to give birth to our child?
• Natural Breathing and Relaxation Exercises and Strategies
• Practical Advices
• How to deal with the pressure from your family and friends
• Perhaps find new friends who are also just growing into their new roles as parents


Pregnancy gymnastics

During pregnancy the female kinetic apparatus is challenged by extreme load. Due to the extra weight gained during pregnancy the spine, the hips and the entire lower extremities are highly stressed.

The hormonal change which occurs during pregnancy further contributes to this effect. The band-like connections within all joints loosen. This causes a lower joint-security. Especially, in the area connecting spine and hips painful muscle tenseness can be the consequence of this joint-loosening. In addition, Posture deficits already existent before pregnancy become more acute.

The hips move forward and the lumbar spine is increasingly bent! As a consequence of this posture deficit the muscles in the area of the lumbar spine become tense and pain can occur in the spinal area as well as the hips.

To prevent problems like this, the class concentrates on gentle mobilisation, targeted muscle strengthening, stretching exercises, conscious relaxation (belly, back, hips and pelvic floor musculature) and practicing of belly breathing.

The class leader also corrects each mother’s standing and walking postures


Belly dance for pregnant woman

Dancing puts you into a good mood, promotes your sense of balance, enhances your contact with your baby and can be helpful during birth.


Yoga for pregnant woman

The course offers relaxation techniques, which can be used very effectively to support birth. The course also shows methods of stress relief during pregnancy.

Breathing becomes very important during labour. Here you learn different breathing techniques.

By sounding vowels and syllables you create an atmosphere which comforts, calms and relaxes you and your baby, and helps you to deal with possible fears.

Gentle movements and simple positions (Asana) are adopted according to your state

 As you meet other pregnant women you can share your thoughts, questions and feelings.

Baby care

Here parents can already practice handling a baby before their own one is born. The course can help to allay natural concerns.

As well as practical exercises through which you learn to handle newborns, the course offers help with decisions many parents-to-be have to face and which are not treated in birth preparatory classes.

Topics of the course are:

Handling the newborn child in everyday life.
The new everyday life as a family
Different diapering methods with practical exercises
The baby bath with practical exercises
Choice of the sleeping place
Sleep rhythm
First baby supply package
Medical precaution
Choice of the child physician
Teething troubles
First aid measures for babies
and many more.....

Brest feeding group

Breast-feeding women join these groups starting from 3 weeks after birth to exchange their experiences. All questions concerning breast-feeding and nutrition are treated:

• Nutrition
• Milk production
• Breast-feeding preparation
• Breast-feeding positions
• Breast-feeding problems
• Using a milk-pump
• Baby’s first “real” meals
• Weaning


Recovery gymnastics

Starting 6 - 8 weeks after birth.

After pregnancy and particularly after birth the spinal column and the hips have been highly stressed. Often one-sided muscle tenseness has developed as consequence of the weakened trunk muscles. Consequently, the hips tilt forward and an intensified hollow cross formation can occur. Muscle tenseness in the area of the lumbar spine is a consequence. Additionally, the enlargement of the breasts causes a forward-shift of the shoulders, which causes an intensified round back formation. Muscle tenseness in the neck-shoulder area can occur.

The recovery gymnastic are necessary in order to rebuild the body’s muscular balance and thus to avoid back, and hip problems and to prevent posture problems.

Parts of the recovery gymnastics strengthen the weakened musculature (belly, bottom, pelvic floor). Other exercises focus on relaxation and stretching of the strutted musculature (loins spinal column and shoulder neck range).

The recovery gymnastics entail the strengthening of weakened muscles (stomach, hips and pelvic floor) as well as relaxation and stretching of tense muscles (lumbar spine and neck-shoulder area).


PEKIP (Prager Eltern und Kind Programm =
Prague Parents and Child Programme)

Pekip is very popular in Germany. This programme starts when children are about 8 weeks old and continues up to the age of one year. It is designed to help parents dealing with their newborn children.
We want to give our baby time:

to express his/her needs and to move independently
to observe him-/herself and other babies
to feel good without clothes
to make contact with other babies and adults

We want to give ourselves time for discussions over

Professional activity

and other questions concerning recent parents.


Baby massage

From the 4th Week up to crawling age.

Communicate with your physical contact love, acceptance, and respect. When you massage your baby in a quiet moment during the day, this massage is a medium of communication which will be at your disposition throughout parenthood. Together with your child you will build the foundation for a life-long relaxation activity.

In this course you learn to give your baby a whole body massage which can alleviate baby flatulence and colic attacks and enhance maternal bonding. At the same time you can exchange with other class participants about the challenges and joys of parenthood.


Baby plays

The course "Baby plays" is for children starting from 5th months and for children starting from 10th months.



Feldenkrais is a gentle method to train the pelvic floor before and after birth. You learn to experience and use consciously the functioning of the pelvic floor. Everyday movements and actions will become easier for you.

At the same time this method serves as relaxation for mother and child.
Without effort the musculature is strengthened and the flexibility enhanced. Your back is relaxed a positive body feeling is soon to be noticed.

This method is especially beneficial during pregnancy, incontinence, bladder disease, uterus lowering or abdomen operations as well as menstruation troubles.


Nutrition consultation

Development of an individual nourishing concept. Tips for the special nutrition during pregnancy and the breast-feeding period.





Belly dance for pregnant woman

Yoga for pregnant woman

Baby care

Brest feeding group

Recovery support after birth


Baby massage

Baby plays



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